What happens if I'm late to my photoshoot?

I demand that you arrive on time at your photoshoot, or else the amount of time you arrived late for will be substracted from the time we have to shoot. I value my time and I don't have unlimited access to most locations, so I need to follow my schedule.

How long should I take for my photoshoot?

It depends on how comfortable you are in front of the camera, whether we have worked together before, your budget for the location and how talkative you are. I like to take the necessary time to produce the best possible images of you and this is why my time for the packages are rather long. if you think you can take less time than what your package includes, that's absolutely not a problem.

How should I prepare for the photoshoot?

You will receive instructions as well as questions to assure that you are prepared as best as possible for your shoot. You do no have to answer my questions or follow my instructions, but this will assure the best results possible.

Do you shoot outdoor?

If the weather permits, I have no problem shooting outdoor.

Do you require a deposit?

Right now, I ask for the location to be paid as a deposit to schedule. This deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel within 48h of your shoot, I request 50% of the package rate.

I have a particular idea, can you make it happen?

I love creative photoshoots and I would be more than happy to do everything I can to make your idea happen. Please contact my via email to discuss it further. i also love when clients share mood boards or particular poses they want to try.

Can I bring a friend or a pet?

No. Unfortunately, it will be much more productive if there is only you and I in the studio while we're creating. it will allow for smoother communication and for us to develop a creative relationship easier. For pets, it depends on the situation. 

Who will access my images?

Only me will have access to your images. Your privacy is very important to me and unless specified, your images won't be shared.

Who will select my edited images?

You select your images yourself, though I am very happy to help you narrow it down.

What is your turnaround time?

I usually send your photo previews within 72-hours of our photoshoot. Once you have made your choice for the edited shots, you will receive them within 2 to 4 weeks, with an average of 3 weeks. Special group events where most participants pick 10+ images to be edited can take longer, but will be sent in batches of 5 to allow for less turnaround time for everyone. Rush-editing is possible, at an extra cost.

What does retouching include?

All images will be sent in high-resolution format. Blurring of the face and tattoos are included and you will be sent the unblurred versions as well. Removal of small tattoos is possible. Bigger tattoos are usually blurred, but they can be removed at an extra cost. You can choose the type of lighting/retouching you want (between those listed in my portfolio). Blemish and small imperfections can be removed. The retouching also includes realistic skin evening. Body-reshaping is also possible. The amount of skin evening and reshaping is to your taste and I will always ask the amount of editing you expect.

Can I request modifications to my final images?

You sure can request modifications and additional touch-ups to your final images, within reason. I will not change the editing style after what we initially agree on, but I am more than happy to change small details. I really want you to be happy with your final images and I really don't want you to be shy and hesitate to ask for modifications.

I am not a model, can I still shoot with you?

All the models in my portfolio are not professional models. I am accepting of everyone no matter their experience, age, gender and sexual orientation. if you have not noticed yet, I am very sex worker friendly as most of my clients are sex workers.

I am not a sex worker, can I still work with you?

Absolutely, I work with everyone no matter what they want to do with their photos and their profession.