Hello there!


My name is Florence Paradis and I created Fruit de la passion in August 2021 after doing portrait photography for 7 years. I have also been a sex worker for 4 years now and had been self-shooting for my business from time to time, perfecting my retouching skills enough that I was getting requests from friends. That led me to take the plunge into sensual portraiture, a style that I quickly became passionate about.


As a part of the SW community, I wanted to work with my peers and explore my creative potential, which led me to consolidate my knowledge in photography and curate my style to create images that I am incredibly proud of.

Ever since I launched Fruit de la passion, I had to opportunity to meet with absolutely incredible people. I have never felt so inspired in my life as every photoshoot brings me boundless excitement.


I hold no judgement at all when it comes to sensuality, empowerment of all genders, kinks, nudity and the beautiful discovery of a flourishing sexuality. I'm naturally very much extroverted which make me comfortable around everyone, introverts included, and aim to make them the same. 

Your experience

Creating photos tailored to every single client's unique needs and style is an utmost priority to me. I prefer to take the time necessary to make someone comfortable and to discuss their vision and expectations.

A photoshoot with me is always easy-going, friendly and fun. My goal always is to make you feel beautiful and empowered. Supporting you to materialize images that portrait your branding, I will guide you through posing while prioritizing the respect of your boundaries.

Make no mistake, while the session will keep a laid-back vibe, I will produce refined images in which you look perfect in the eyes of an admirer. I always say I fall in love a bit with each model (in a non-creepy way), when I look at them  through my lens: authentic, yet flawless.